Table Of Contents


  1. Introduction
  2. 2017 Transportation Conditions
    1. Whatcom Regionally Significant System
    2. 2017 Transportation Activity
  3. 2040 Forecast Transportation Conditions
    1. 2040 Forecast Population & Land Use
    2. 2040 Forecast Transportation Activity
  4. Whatcom’s Regional Transportation System Goals
  5. Whatcom’s Transportation System Strategies
    1. Regional Projects
    2. Regional Programs
    3. Regional Planning
    4. Financing the Regional Transportation System
    5. Regional Policy
  6. Appendices
    1. Financial Assumptions PDF
    2. Public Outreach for Whatcom Mobility 2040 PDF
    3. Travel Demand Model Projects List PDF
    4. Record of Consultations PDF
    5. Whatcom Mobility 2040 Acronyms PDF

List of Figures

Figure 1: The Regional Transportation Plan Adoption Process
Figure 2: Regionally Significant Roads
Figure 3: Whatcom County Park-and-Ride Lots
Figure 4: Future Households & Employment
Figure 5: Future Traffic Scenarios
Figure 6: Strategy Development Process
Figure 7: Regional Corridors for Performance Measurements
Figure 8: Example Regional Corridor and Associated Performance Measures
Figure 9: Challenges in Establishing LOS Measurements
Figure 10: Environmental Justice in Whatcom County
Figure 11: WSDOT Past and Near-Future Program Expenditures
Figure 12: County and Cities Historical Revenues and Expenditures
Figure 13: Local Jurisdiction Funding and Expenditures

List of Tables

Table 1: Projected Household Population, Households and Employment, 2008-2040
Table 2: Growth by Employment Type
Table 3: 2013 Daily Vehicle Trips by Jurisdiction
Table 4: 2040 (No-build) Projected Daily Vehicle Trips by Jurisdiction
Table 5: Projected Change in Daily Vehicle Trips by Jurisdiction, 2013 to 2040 (No Build)
Table 6: Average Daily Miles Traveled, 2013-2040 (No Build)
Table 7: Average Daily Vehicle Hours Traveled, 2013-2040 (No Build)
Table 8: Comparison of Region’s Projected Daily VMT and VHT by 2040 Scenario
Table 9: Travel Time to Work
Table 10: Percentage Change in Bike and Walk Trips, 2013-2040
Table 11: Regional Goals List
Table 12: Relationship of Whatcom Regional Goals to State and National Goals
Table 13: Whatcom Region Fiscally Constrained Project List, 2017-2040
Table 14: FHWA and FTA Allocations to the Whatcom Region (in $000s)
Table 15: Estimated Revenues and Expenditures (In $000s)


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