Regional Projects

Whatcom regional project list, 2019-2040

Each of the jurisdictions in the Whatcom region annually updates a transportation improvement program. While local TIPs vary somewhat in format, they are all six-year lists of planned projects, with projects in the first four years having secure funding, and those in the fifth and sixth years being considered as “planned” projects. In compiling a regional project list for Whatcom Mobilty 2040, WCOG has consulted with the individual jurisdictions to identify projects that 1) advance one or more of the region’s transportation goals, 2) provide a regional benefit and are already on, or are eligible to be on, the Regionally Significant System, and 3) are fiscally constrained, i.e., they will not exceed or contribute to exceeding the jurisdiction’s reasonably-expected revenue over the planning period.

The following interactive table lists regional transportation projects planned out to 2040 and their estimated costs, inflated to their currently-estimated year of expenditure.

Regional Projects Updated in 2020

Table 13: Whatcom Region Fiscally Constrained Project List, 2017-2040

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